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Life Of Gia – The Movie

By Romane Simon

‘This sensual Drama is based on a true story. A young girl in the age of eight lost her loved parents in a car accident. Caused by a drunk and full of drugs addict. Just two value Realationship – Member of her small family are the only ones, to survive her lonely life.

However, her aunt is ringing with her cancer, and the days are counting. And her grandmother is nearby the exodus. Henceforth, she has to bundle her whole craft and energy, to find a job who make her life plausible. She finds a job, who pull´s her of the dark – deepest side in a range of ill people, strength of violence and beside this was of following alcohol and drugs.

In these intensive pictures, tells the story about a merciless Situation and with the focus without any exit. Gia, the protagonist is very intelligent and strong to stately to manage her life in a hopeful new world ‘.

Romane Simon, the producer of this heart – sensitive film, promises a dramatically drive under the skin. The young Filmmaker is also responsible as director, author and screenwriter.

From his home in Haiti (his grandfather was the former president of Haiti, started Romane his dream to work in this media segment in Florida and moved later to L.A.

Before, he visited the New York Film Academy and collective more education and polished his skills. Until now, Romane produced a lot of projects in different kinds of genres. His favourite one of these is tragedy. The passionate stunt – coordinator brings also his experience in MMA Fighting (Mixed Martial Arts), into the ventures. Since of a five years young age boy, he trains massive this special Boutstyle.

On the other side, you can see the typical hot – blood temperament out of the Caribbean. Dancing – this fervour, inspired by his idol Michael Jackson, is also inseparable.

The realistic well – known Lifewatcher, moved as a rough diamond through the scene. High talented in variety species in that genre of filming, gives him a wide range of power in creativity and incessantly in the way of sanguinity.

Exceptional is his Aura always around the set. Concentrated by his work, he functioned as a lovely patron surrounding the whole staff of the set. Kindness, smooth and peaceful are one of his brilliant straight character. Romane’s extraordinary positive energy is verily contractible.

A huge talented cast worked into this movie under Romane´s direction. Let You know some of these gorgeous actors: Sarah Melissa Barker, Alex Man, Mariela Gariga, Twon Johnson, Carl DoSouto, Jon Morgan Woodward, Whitney Moorman, Carla Short, Erik Merrill, Desiree McKinney, Viktoria Dilia Kozlovski…. and many more.

Presented by Lucky Strike Films Studios.



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