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Kostiantyn Sukhonosov: Music Is My Element

Kostiantyn Sukhonosov is an international keyboard player and award-winning sound producer. He has served as a hit-making producer for a number of famous bands and singers from across the World including Payuschie Trusy, DZIDZIO, Ne Angely, DJ Mendez, Sofiya Rotaru, Dmitriy Malikov, TerryJosiah, NIKITA and many others.

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, he started his artistic journey just a few short years after birth. At age 4 he was enrolled into music school and was always one of the top students and over the next 30 years, he continually enhanced his musicianship by performing in many bands of all genres and styles. In 2003 his musical career got a major boost after being invited to Skryabin.

Over the last two decades, Konstiantyn has been producing hit records for award winning films, bands and artists. After working as the sound producer for Skryabin, the band’s popularity rose significantly and their records made the top charts becoming one of the most famous Ukrainian rock bands in the history of the country. Throughout his career, he has worked with various artist from around the world. During a trip to the U.S., Konstiantyn was reacquainted with another Ukrainian musician – Henry Lipatov, who is also a world renowned visual fx producer for the world’s top music artists. Together, they established a collaborative project: 7EVER in Los Angeles which has been rapidly gaining popularity among electronic music lovers.

His talent to create authentic sounds based on his own musicality brought him to the top of Ukrainian music production. His ideas are unorthodox, yet classic which supported his transition into film, and working on film composition, sound design and sound fx for award winning films has proven that Konstiantyn is a valuable asset to both the music and film industry.

Konstantyn draws his inspiration from his global travels and his open communication with many talented people from around the World. His motto is “Only diligent hard-work and creativity will bring you to success.” With over 20 years in the game, he seems to be just getting started…there is no doubt we will be hearing a lot more from Kostiantyn Sukhonosov soon.



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