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The International Women of Power Luncheon Celebrates International Women’s Day in LA

March 9, 2019, Marina Del Ray, CA

On Saturday March 9th the International Women of Power Luncheon took place at the Mariott Hotel Rooftop Lounge in Marina Del Ray, CA. The day was all about celebrating women and sharing the love. Everyone came dressed for the occasion and many chose to use their fashion to make a statement in honor of their African heritage. According  to actress Yootha Wong-Loi Sing, she wore her look because she wanted to bring in her cultural background to her outfit saying, ”To me it represents what my ancestors wore and so I have the ancestors that are from Surinam which is north of Brazil and it’s just like this pretty crop top and this full skirt so it’s something that is traditional Surinamese wear but also it can be seen in African Tradition.” 

Another guest talked about all the bright and colorful looks at the event saying, “Seeing all my friends dressed up in the beautiful African tradition dresses is making me wish I had done that but…to me here in America this is a way to connect with that side of me that foundational part of me, so this event is just incredible and I’m so glad to be here to celebrate this moment.” 

A-list celebrities like Tiffany Haddish, Monique Coleman, Rosario Dawson, Ryan Destiny and more made appearances on the red carpet. Hollywood Glam Magazine caught up with Monique Coleman who gave an exclusive interview. Watch the video below for all the details on her gorgeous outfit. 

The event also featured performances by V. Bozeman during the luncheon. The event partnered with the Jenesse Charity highlighting Domestic Abuse. Several notable women presented at the luncheon, including actress Malinda Williams, Raven Goodwin, Actress Edwina Findley, and Ghanian actress Jackie Appiah.

Check out all the red carpet coverage and interviews with actress/model Ebonee Davis, Yootha Wong-Loi Sing and more below! 


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