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LA Art Show’21 Makes History with The Masterpieces Presented

Los Angeles, CA, July 29th, 2021

No matter if you are a fan of American Art or European Art, Asian Art, Modern or Classic Art – it was something for everyone at the LA Art Show Opening Night Gala that took place on July 29th. From Andy Warhol to Pierre-Auguste Renoir, from New York to Miami galleries presenting their artists, it was everything an art lover could dream about.

I was amazed to see great works of Ukrainian, Armenian, French, Chinese, and LA-based artists. It took me about two hours to take a personal “tour” to learn more about each of the paintings presented at the exhibition. I was lucky to talk to some artists to discuss their unique style, inspiration etc.

The show took place on July 29th – August 1st     and was hosted by celebrity Rita Ora. During the Opening Night, she took the stage to present a welcome speech and discuss the charity cause of the project that benefited St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It was probably the first biggest event since the beginning of the pandemic.


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