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Meet MOON UltraLight: Bloggers’ Number One Choice

Either you are an active blogger trying to take good photos for social media, or someone who is looking for a phone with the best camera, you need a new advanced portable lighting device that will help to brighten your photos and videos.

Hollywood Glam team was excited to learn that MOON UltraLight by MOON Ultra.

MOON UltraLight is a sleek, portable lighting device designed to illuminate your photos and videos with its various tones and pocket-sized user-friendly experience. Compatible with most phones and tablets, MOON UltraLight offers intuitive touch controls that provide customizable brightness so its users can now perfectly capture life’s special moments with ease; by simply clipping MOON UltraLight onto their devices.

“We’re thrilled to bring our product to CES for the first time this year alongside all the leading companies also exhibiting the future of technology. With the launch of MOON UltraLight, we hope to help make our users special moments last forever by providing them the perfect illumination to capture optimal photos and videos,” says Edward Madongorere, CEO of MOON.

The product is available at select B8ta stores nationwide and can also be purchased online for $49.99.

More information on the product can be found on MOON’s website:


ABOUT MOON: MOON Ultra is the creator of the MOON UltraLight. MOON UltraLight is an ultraportable lighting device designed with customers in mind. Its intuitive touch controls provide customizable brightness and tone, allowing users to perfectly capture special moments. MOON Ultra was founded in Boston, Massachusetts and is now headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Follow MOON on Instagram @MyMOONUltra and view the company website


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