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On Saturday July 15 the Simply fashion and beauty conference kicked off at the Grove in Beverly Hills. The conference was filled with celebrities and digital influencers who along with all the stylish consumers had come to check out the fun and cool new brands showcasing at the event. Actress Ashley Greene started the day off by welcoming guests to the fun filled networking conference. Throughout the day more celebrities and bloggers showed up to speak on panels and give their tips to success as well as fashion and beauty hacks from the experts! Actress Audrina Patridge came to talk about her new swim line called Prey Swim and said, “We’re showing at Miami swim week and then preparing for spring and summer” Her new line was one of the booths at the showcase and guests loved checking out the high waisted fun and flirty styles. According to Audrina she has a new appreciation for the fashion industry after going through the design process. She put a lot of thought into her designs taking inspiration from what she would’ve wanted as a teen. She has included tops and bottoms in different sizes so girls can mix and match to find the right combination as well as different styles such as high waisted and reversible bikinis.

Other popular panelists included Toni Ko, the founder of NYX cosmetics, who showcased her new sunglass line called Perverse eyewear at the event and spoke on the Panel titled “Building your business from the ground up” with fellow businesswoman and blogger Sazan Hendrix. Hendrix is the founder of Blessbox, a subscription based product that she described as, “my blog in a box”. The lifestyle blogger showed up looking stylish and her booth was a big hit with guests who enjoyed checking out the latest products she was featuring.

The colorful conference continued with flower crowns and ice cream samples on the hot summer day and guests could be spotted posing for one of the Instagram photo ops or relaxing with a snack from vendors like Smashmallow or Coolhaus Ice Cream on the couches placed around the rooftop.

The panels continued with advice from industry experts such as Becca Tilley, a fashion blogger and TV personality, as well as actresses Vanessa Simmons, Monique Coleman, and Logan Browning.

Monique Coleman enjoyed her time at the event saying, “I’m having a blast so far! It’s incredible…it’s wonderful to see people that are bloggers in the beauty and fashion industry and actors and musicians come together to support one another in a kind way. I think often times it feels very competitive like people are just trying to get out ahead and the Simply LA event is really about people learning form one another.”

Everybody enjoyed checking out the new products and getting pampered at the different booths such as the Beglammed booth which offered makeup touch ups for the hot day. The Beglammed app described themselves as the “Uber for hair and make-up”

All in all the day was a success and the Simply founder Sarah Boyd was excited for future events and conferences.


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