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The Red Carpet Green Dress

The Red Carpet Green Dress celebration tops the list of Pre-Oscar parties each year.  This year, the campaign held its 9th annual celebration atop the Hollywood Hills on March 1, where 200 guests gathered to support Suzy Amis Cameron’s internationally recognized organization.  The event, which was hosted by Jonas Tahlin, CEO of Absolut Elyx, at his private residence, raises awareness for sustainable fashion and living. Attendees at this exclusive event included Rila Fukushima, Ashlan Cousteau, T.J. Slaughter, last year’s partner Priyanka Bose, among many others.

Guests were dressed to the nines and everyone celebrated the theme of the night with Earth-themed outfits and green accessories. Appetizers were all vegan and plant-based which went along with the theme of the night to protect the environment from animal-based foods that can cause pollution. The avocado toast was a favorite among party-goers who also enjoyed drinks from Absolut Elyx courtesy of the host. Styles from past Red Carpet Green Dress years were displayed throughout the house along with photos of celebrities wearing the pieces on the red carpet. Several of the past celebrities who have worn RCGD styles were also in attendance. The night kicked off with speeches from Suzy Amis Cameron and several members of her staff who had been working year-round to grow the campaign. Rebecca Amis, Suzy’s sister and partner for the MUSE School CA, was also there with two high school students from the school. The students came to represent the muse initiative of project-based learning and showed off a fashion design project they had worked on using articles about the environment to create an awareness-raising fashion statement. The look was a huge hit and caught the eye of many guests at the party including Tahlin who said it was his favorite look of the night. Suzy welcomed everyone and described her vision for the Red Carpet Green Dress and how it has grown over the years into the success it is today.

In her interview, she said next year they are looking forward to their 10-year anniversary and with the help of Samata, her campaign manager who joined in the program’s second year, the project has grown in a huge way. According to Suzy, in the longer term, she hopes to create a sustainable clothing line. Something simple, classic, affordable that people can wear every day. In her speech, Suzy pointed out that the clothing industry is one of the biggest polluters yet so little is known about the problem. She hopes to bring awareness to this issue so that more people are aware of how they can be a part of changing it.

Suzy also spoke about her work at the MUSE School CA, saying how proud she was of the kids. She told Hollywood Glam, “It doesn’t matter how little the children are, they are curious about you and what you’re interested in. Their confidence is amazing, even a six-year-old will just come up and talk to you.”

Rebecca, who is the co-founder of the MUSE School CA, opened up saying how they all worked so closely together as a family and described how much she enjoyed her role as educational director. She shared that after starting the school 12 years ago, she came in as the education director and developed a child-centered curriculum. Her and Suzy both wanted it to be a very student-centric environment, so she developed a passion-based curriculum which gives each student the opportunity to identify their strengths. Something she felt was missing from education today. Rebecca said, “Every student is so different and they learn so differently so they’re able to choose their academics through their passion. The students own who they are. At MUSE School CA its who you are, what do you love, and how do you want to study it.”

Everyone enjoyed the night and guests were excited to hear from different speakers. A representative from Tesla was also in attendance as the company is contributing to the Red Carpet Green Dress initiative. The representative who worked in the design department, praised the work being done because the part of Tesla’s core values is to put design and beauty first. He said that Red Carpet Green Dress is getting so much done because they are creating beautiful pieces to be worn on the red carpet which is the first step since without beauty the pieces would not be worn.

This theme of putting design first carried throughout the night and everyone appreciated the effort the team had put in including CEO Jonas Tahlin who spoke to Hollywood Glam about the party saying, “I love the fact that when I got up to the house I saw the beautiful Tesla’s and the beautiful Mrs. Cameron. The team has covered the pool with this tent and we’re actually standing on top of my swimming pool. I’ve been out of town for 3 weeks so this was a total surprise, I love it!”

The party was a huge hit and according to Tahlin, “Everyone had a good time enjoying themselves while still having a positive impact.”


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