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Eco-Conscious Contemporary Clothing Line Dame Launches In Beverly Hills

November 7,2018, Beverly Hills private estate, CA

On November 7th fashionistas, media and celebrities attended a new clothing line DAME launch party that took place in a private residence in Beverly Hills, CA. Celebrities like Malin Akerman, Maya Rudolph, Constance Zimmer and Amy Smart came to support the founders, Alexx Monkarsh, Molly Levin and Wells Butler.

The night was held at an intimate location with close friends and family. Maya, Malin and Amy were dressed from head to toe in Dame for the launch celebration.

Dame’s collection is comprised of both vintage and hand-crafted, cut and sewn pieces manufactured in downtown Los Angeles with fair wage policies. As Alexx Monkarsh explained to HGM, they created this line to be able to build a customer’s wardrobe. Their first drop is called Back To Basics and it’s all about creating a perfect blend of cozy and chick clothes one can wear to an office or for dinner. You can buy Dame pieces online at

HGM talked to beautiful Swedish-Canadian actress Malin Akerman who was wearing Dame that night. “Molly (Molly Levin – LK) is my stylist in real life I am very proud of, Alexx (Alexx Monkarsh – LK) is like a sister to me, I’ve been a part of the environmental media association for the past ten years, so the environment is the big issue for me and wherever we can, let’s try to be consciousness. It’s really exciting that we can make clothes that are beautiful and lovely, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t do something that’s recycling and eco-friendly, and this is just a prefect example”, – said the actress about the clothing line.

We also talked about her career. “I am on the fourth Season of the show called  Billions on the Showtime and just finished producing and starring in a film that a friend of mine wrote that we are trying to sell now. That’s exciting! Actually, just finished the film in Sweden this summmer, it is a musical, so we were singing and dancing, and it was so much fun to do! The first film ever I’ve got in Swedish. I have some new projects coming up at the beginning of next year”, – said Malin. You can follow Malin on Instagram @malinakerman.

Photo by: HGM


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