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  • Rich Pimento’ scent now available exclusively at Harrods
  • The new unisex fragrance evokes extraordinary journeys to sensuous destinations
  • Exquisite glass bottle is inspired by the signature cut-crystal headlights of the Bentley Continental GT
  • Rich Pimento is the fourth fragrance to be added to Bentley Beyond – The Collection, first launched in spring 2019
  • Discover more at:

(Crewe, 6th December, 2019) Bentley Fragrances is delighted to welcome a new addition to Bentley Beyond – The Collection, Rich Pimento. Inspired by the lush beauty of Havana, the Cuban capital, Rich Pimento matches peerless rare ingredients with the enticing appeal of an exotic destination.

The new fragrance is available exclusively at Harrods, the famed London department store. Situated on the sixth floor of the Knightsbridge icon, Harrods’ Salon de Parfums is a fragrance-lovers playground and showcases hundreds of precious luxury scents for men and women. Collectors will be excited to be among the first to see Rich Pimento join this enticing array of scents, arriving just in time for the seasonal shopping period.

Translating an exotic voyage into a scent, Rich Pimento harnesses the finest quality elements to deliver a statement of uncompromising originality. For exacting and modern customers, fragrance must be an individual expression, an adventure that goes beyond the individual frontiers to the heart of emotion. Conjured from visions of the calm shores of the Caribbean Sea, yet rocked by the evocative sounds of mambo, the inspirational capital of Havana is a riotous jewel enclosed in the world of yesterday.

By creating Rich Pimento, the master perfumer Karine Dubreuil-Sereni wanted to invoke the sensuous appeal of Cuba: delicious grapefruit intertwined with the fiery Red Pimento, Cedarwood and Tonka Bean reminiscent of delicious aromas dark rum. The result is a powerful scent where aromatic amber complements harmoniously spicy notes such as bergamot and pink and black pepper. Be prepared to be transported to a colourful exotic world beyond your wildest imagination.

Rich Pimento – Harrods Exclusive Edition – Bentley Beyond:

Woody Spice

Head Notes:              Bergamot from Italy, Rhubarb, Grapefruit
Heart Notes:             Pink and Black Pepper, Red Pimento, Geranium, Bourbon, Olibanum
Base Notes:              Patchouli Indonesia, Cedarwood China, Tonka bean, Amber

The new unisex fragrance enhances a luxurious collection for travellers and trailblazers. Joining Exotic Musk, Majestic Cashmere and Wild Vetiver, Rich Pimento is the fourth and latest addition to the Bentley Beyond range.

Created in collaboration with the Bentley Styling Team the majestic faceted flacon of the Bentley Beyond range is inspired by the signature cut-crystal glass headlights of the Continental GT. The stability of the heavy 400-gram bottle is ensured by a thick glass base. The legendary Bentley emblem is engraved on the silver metal shoulders of the flacon.

The elegant packaging is covered in a soft-touch leather grain paper. The label, in the same colour as the cap of each scent, bears the names of the collection, of the fragrance, and of the destination that inspires it: in the case of Rich Pimento, “CUBA”.

Voyages have been part of Bentley Motors’ identity from the outset. At the age of 14, founder Walter Owen Bentley, known as “W.O.”, cycled an astounding 130 miles from London to Norfolk in a single day. He would later describe the joy of independent travel as “one of man’s fundamental longings”. A luxurious wardrobe of scented accessories for trailblazers, Bentley Beyond – The Collection will satisfy their appreciation of meticulous craftsmanship, the finest quality materials and uncompromising distinction.

The launch of Rich Pimento was framed around an introduction to the new fragrance from Lalique Boutique London, hosted by Bentley Fragrances in the Garden Room at Chiltern Firehouse.

The UK price for each 100ml bottle of Rich Pimento is £165 (including VAT).

More information about Bentley Fragrances is available via and fragrances can be purchased online from


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