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Chase Rice Tells Hollywood Glam about His Upcoming Performance in California with Country Legends Like Tim McGraw in this Exclusive Interview!

The “Eyes on You” singer spoke to Hollywood Glam about his current touring schedule, his latest musical inspirations, and his night performing with country superstars on the beach at Coastal Country Jam coming up in just a few weeks on April 6th!

Chase Rice has always known that music was what he wanted to do and his perseverance has paid off as his current single Eyes on You has reached top charts on country radio. He talked to Hollywood Glam about his comeback saying, “Anything in life has it’s challenges, I left my label and kind of rebooted myself and we made it through the bad times and fans still kept showing up at shows like crazy and that’s what kept me going. Now Eyes on you is blowing up and now I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had doing music.”

The singer really found his sound after leaving his label and taking some time to reflect on his music because he has always had a love for the country genre. Rice shared, “Country is what I grew up on listening to the greats like Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney it was the first music I ever heard and really what started it all.”

The singer is loving being back on the road for his current tour and is finding inspiration everywhere he goes. He talked about some of his latest work and some upcoming music fans can look forward to!

“The tour is going great!” he said. “We’ll get off stage and get on the bus and just start writing. I’ve never written on the road before but there’s just so much inspiration happening. Everywhere we stop I’ll try and get out during the day and see the city but if there’s not much to do I’ll just write.”

As for his inspiration he said, “The guitar is inspiring me right now. That’s where it starts. All my life experiences are going into these songs and what ever comes out comes out. I’m doing a lot of touring over in the UK and Ireland right now and I wrote 25 Wexler street about a night out in Dublin.  Whatever I’m experiencing whether it’s lust or love or adventure is going into my songs.”

He shared his tips for keeping up with the crazy tour schedule as well even saying how he’d be starting his day as soon as we finished the interview and said, “Well right now I’m about to go to the gym where the Seahawks workout and I always try to start my day with a workout wherever I am because it wakes me up and gets my energy flowing and clears my head.”

He also talked about his latest album release of Lambs and Lions Worldwide Deluxe. The album contains a personalized selection from Rice who said, “I just wanted to keep the focus on Lambs and Lions because I wanted fans to hear some of the new songs but also some of the old ones and my favorites like Amen. I put songs on there that I thought wouldn’t go on the next album but I still wanted fans to hear them. I added the acoustic version of Eyes on You because I wanted people to hear that.”

He can’t wait to bring his signature Chase Rice sound to the stage on the beach in just a few weeks at Coastal Country Jam and said, “This is the most exciting time in my career so far and I love sharing it with my fans! I love LA, its always shocking to me because I never knew people in LA cared about country music but people always show up!”

The festival is put on every year in Huntington Beach and brings country fans from all over SoCal out to party and celebrate a night on the beach in the beautiful California spring weather.

LA fans get ready because according to Chase it’s going to be, “One hell of a night and one hell of a line up!” He said, “I mean it’s a party on the beach and we’re just gonna get on stage and rock out so what more could you ask for!”


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