Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive Debuts Its Newest Interactive Art Installation

Social influencer/Blogger, Erin Ziering (@erinziering) helped The Rodeo Drive Committee (and RDC president, Kathy Gohari) to kick off the latest installation, which is sure to be a huge draw for visitors to the famed street.

The concept of this latest installation is inspired by the opulent, jet setter lifestyle Rodeo Drive shoppers have or seek.  The aspirational and premium vignette, bursting with a bold Spring palette, allows guests to snap a photo surrounded by sets of luxury luggage and blooming flowers at a “point of arrival/departure.”

The posterior of the vignette is an additional influential photo moment, covered by stylized passport stamps from the most desired locations to travel on Earth, with the iconic Rodeo Drive logo as the focal point.  It will be dramatically lit at night too so guests know that this “point of arrival/departure” is always open.