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Booby Tape Launch Event

Tana Mongeau, Heidi Pratt and other celebs came out to celebrate the American launch of Booby tape.

“I thought when wearing Booby Tape, you know, pink it out. Yah, it’s so fun being here. I love Booby tape. It’s such a great product. I’m so excited it’s in my life. So being here and being a part of this is really fun,” said Heidi Pratt. She was wearing a trendy outfit with a pink silk shirt showing off her crystals from Pratt Crystals.

She told Hollywood Glam about her look saying, “This is J. Docey. So, it’s one of my favorite designers. I thought its fresh, its summer. But it’s a little bit of leather. Its sassy sweet.”

We caught up with the reality star about her latest projects and she said she’s been very busy, “Working on Pratt Daddy Crystals every day is my main job. Which is a lot, you know, dealing with employees. So, yah, Pratt Daddy Crystals. Lots of drama there.  And changes. I think that its growing so fast, there’s a lot of pressure and stress and shuffling things around. And new employees. And, yah, so it’s been most of my time. So that’s most of my summer.”

She told us about her annual vacation to the mountains saying, “We go to Aspen every summer. So that was really fun. We went there and we went to Santa Barbara last week.”

Heidi told us about her favorite trends for Fall saying, “Tye dye is very in. Pratt Daddy has great tye dye so we definitely are on trend. Tye dye is one of my favorites.”

The party continued with Tana Mongeau who was celebrating her marriage to Jake Paul and who turned out to party. There were cupcakes, a candy bar, pink drinks and more!

Tammy Hembrow, reality star and youtuber, gave an exclusive interview to Hollywood Glam saying, “Im wearing the K label. They don’t have enough attention, to be honest. They’re so amazing. They have so much cute stuff. I have everything from them. I love these little brands that aren’t like super recognized, you know?”

She told us about her necklace designed for her daughter: “It says, “Sassy” for my daughter, Saski”.

She shared her hacks for Australian winter and was excited to be out in LA for this trip.

“My favorite beauty trends. I live in Australia, so its winter. I’m like slather on the moisturizer right now,” she said.

“Yes, I’m so excited. I’ve had booby tape for ages now, so it’s cool being at the American launch.  ‘Ive used booby tape like a bunch of times. At my Saski collection first birthday party I had a lot of Booby tape going on under my outfit. “


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