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Famous Artist Alexey Klokov Debuts His New Collection BLACKANDWHITE

Are you looking for some inspiration during this difficult time? Something to take your mind off things, something worth remembering and admiring? We have just the thing for you.

Meet famous Russian artist, Alexey Klokov, who is well-known for his creativity and love of innovation. He has a unique ability to express himself across different genres, experimenting with styles, textures and colors to bring new meaning to the canvas on which he creates.

About the Collection

Klokov recently revealed a new collection of black and white enamel paintings on linen canvas, artwork that was inspired by recent events around the world (including the US). The collection revolves around the idea that society split into two categories of people: the Dark Side and the Light Side, the good and the evil, the right and the wrong.

The use of a monochrome palette is not something new for the world of art and has attracted legends like Pablo Picasso, Albrecht Dürer, Kazimir Malevich, Gerhard Richter, and Bridget Riley in the past; each of them balancing the contrast of black and white in their own way.

Following the traditions of famous artists, Alexey Klokov offers a unique interpretation of these two colors by making the natures of black and white dance to the same tune. That perfectly explains the name of the collection – BLACKANDWHITE (without spaces).

Today, we live in a rapidly changing society in which major events push for polarization. Alexey Klokov uses his works to show that this polarization is not something that should be seen as typical because there is always black in white and white in black. This exact combination creates a perfect balance, like a black and white piano keyboard, yin and yang, day and night and so on.

Artwork is the voice of the artist; the way to communicate and address with a unique personal message. The art itself is a powerful tool to reflect present-day processes, making a political statement through one’s paintings in order to trigger audience engagement. From this perspective, Alexey’s images are both very symbolic and modern, helping him to communicate his own attitude about today’s society.

About Alexey Klokov:

Alexey Klokov is a talented Russian painter who recognizes famous artist Anatoly Zverev as his mentor. Alexey graduated from the Leningrad Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Design in 1991 and, in his early years, restored old Russian art.

Later in life, he developed his own unique method of color and materials usage, experimenting with high-quality oils and enamels, Belgian linen and high karat gold. Since 1998, his compositions have been exhibited all around the world, including Russia, Canada and Japan. Critics have often characterized his art as “expressive” and “intense” (Wikipedia). Notable figures, such as Silvio Berlusconi, Boris Johnson, Tony Blair, Condoleezza Rice, Madeleine Albright, and Hillary Clinton are known to have the works of Klokov in their private collections.


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