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Orange County Fashion Week Becomes A Perfect Platform For The Emerging Talent

Photo: Angelito VanDam Photography

ORANGE COUNTY FASHION WEEK’s continues to grow its retail pace setters in Southern California’s most coveted buyer’s market, “The OC” as it  makes waves with a preview of coming fashion attractions this spring.

Extraordinary collections debuted on the Runways of The Laguna Design Center, your destination for luxury home furnishings and home accessories and the principal sponsor of Orange County Fashion Week. The Laguna Design Center hosted the return of its Catwalk show space for a second year to California Riviera’s most influential fashion consumer buyers- the OC’s A-List.

From International Fashion to OC’s most prominent California Fashion Designer runways, The OCFW new digital space was bespoke of catwalk showcases at Laguna Design Center.

Following Day 1:: OCFW’s opening Industry Night for private retail constituents invitees at Monarch Beach Resort, hosted by FindtheFit’s own Dione Bledsoe, Managing Director of the Executive Retail Search Firm, an all-new lineup of Presidential Suite guests arrived to visit with designers showcasing on Day 2 :: The MainStage Runway at Laguna Design Center.

“It was important to us to be a big part of the fashion community having Laguna Design Center as a Main Stage Runway for two days of Orange County Fashion Week was a pivotal return for us since 2014, says new owner Bill Hutchinsen CEO of Dunhill Partners, It was a great way for us to support emerging talent all the while customizing a Catwalk with the eye of an interior designer, we recognized the need for to truly show our support for the local community all the while allowing us to share our own interior designer show spaces as featured backdrop to collections.”

OC’s newcomers to turn heads included Vanessa Lozada, Stefani Alvarado, Ionica Moldovianu, Jonathan Jimenez, Victoria by Elizabeth, Alisha Needham, Marva Aylouche, Chadia Almeddin Jojo and Lo and International designers as Rohini Bedi and Carly Vidal’s Urban Prima, revealed fresh talent that already began selling collection right from the runway, this included 11 year old fashion designer Egypt Ufele who’s collections have been making national headlines from Teen Vogue to NY Times, as a fashionably responsible champion to spread their anti-bully campaigns with one size fits all collections from adults to children wear.

Day 3 of OC Fashion Week included all new luxury brand children wear collections presented by Occasion Kids with clothing by Oscar de La Renta, Dolce and Gabbana, Stella McCartney, Fendi, Chloe and more alongside the children’s wear of  Egypt Ufele collections.

After the showcase collection for kids titled ‘Rock the Runway, “ Masterstylists prepared offsite at the Monarch Beach Resort Wine Room for a live competition featuring models : Raylene Gonzales, Alexia George, Anatolia Galli, Dr. Frieda Brookshire, Shelly Cofini, Julie Schmitz and Natasha Kazic.

OC Fashion Council’s Vice Chair, Shelly Cofini, “the night was stunning, we were all excited to see how it would come about and the look and feel of the night at Monarch Beach Resort, it was stellar being a participating in the 3rd Annual Masterstylist competition for our children’s charity spotlight JDRF. The show premiered on KBEH Thursday night to a household of 16 million in Southern California, with voting opportunities online at www.hauteoc.com through Sept 21st.

Who will be the next 3rd Annual MasterStylist Competition People’s Choice Award?


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