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Opening Night of Art Hearts Fashion Week

October 15, 2016

The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills

 Art Hearts Fashion Opening night featured 7 amazing designers from The Archives & Showroom, a goto sanctuary fashion house for celebrity & editorial fashion stylists from all around the world.  This showroom is known for servicing  some of the industry’s hottest wardrobe stylists and during Los Angeles Fashion week, the showroom was able to team up with Art Hearts Fashion’s opening night on Sunday October 9th 2016 and showcase 7 extraordinary both established and up and coming designers to hit the USA fashion scene.

Designers Amato Couture, Marmar Halim, Sir Isaac Newton, Du Aqua Swim, Rahil Hesan, Michael Ngo, and Diana Couture all served the guests a taste of their newest collections that are now available for stylist pulls catering to Fall/Winter editorials & red carpets as well as getting ready for those SS 2017 pre orders and editorial placements as well.

About designers:

Amato Couture : REV 21:8 Collection 

Amato leaves behind the innocent and girlish pastel coloured frocks of last season’s Amato Pret-A- Porter debut. This season, Amato will enter the dark side
with its sexy, provocative and dangerous serpentine gowns, distressed laces and leather accents. The collection will gravitate towards the elements of mysticism, astrology and mysteries of the unknown

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Diana Couture: “The Queen D”  Spring/Summer 2017 Couture Collection
Diana Putri, creative director of the Indonesia-based brand, Diana Couture embarks on releasing her second collection entitled “The Queen D”. A depiction and an imagery of a strong and elegant, independent woman drenched in Couture.
Inspired by influential and successful women amongst the ages, the ravishing collection portrays women who are not afraid to flaunt her femininity in the midst of professionalism, alluring and drop-dead gorgeous but opinionated and intelligent. A true allegory of a modern day Queen, flaunting it’s spectrum on the aspects of womanhood. Featuring intricate methods of beading, embroidery, and laser-cutting on her signature transparent body stocking mesh material, as well as tulle, leather, French lace, acetate silk & chiffon, “The Queen D” comes in must-have red carpet favorite colors, such as scarlet red, tuscan sun gold, porcelain white, and onyx black. Whether she resembles an opulent warrior or a primal goddess, a True Queen D will never be dethroned out of style.

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Du Aqua:  “FUN n’ LUXE” Spring Summer 2017 Collection
Du Aqua brings something electrifying this season to the runway leaving behind the last collection’s earthy & neutral tones. Du Aqua’s new will feature electrifying fun colors, styles, interesting cuts, and of course sexy/edgy lines that are sure to draw attention. Gorgeous Swarovski embellishments will add some beautiful added detail for some of the looks this season as well as play a big part in completing this amazing fresh new collection.

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Marmar Halim:  “Wonderland” Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Dubai Designer Marmar Halim has a firm belief of elegance drawn from simplicity, nature & natural colors, this season Halim brings to life her collection WONDERLAND onto the runway all with a contemporary touch inspired by positivity, sparkle, and glamour, using the finest luxurious materials such as fine crepe, crushed crepe, pure silk, silk organza, tulle, silk jacquard, crushed silk, and French lace.  Halim has customized this collection with handwork & designs that will take you on an adventure to retrospect  to relive the extravagant Wonderland!

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Michael Ngo: NΞOKOZM Fall/Winter 16/17 Runway Collection

LA-based Pop Culture designer MICHAEL NGO returns to LA Fashion Week to debut his newest body of work “NΞOKOZM FW16/17” the follow-up collection to last year’s highly acclaimed “Sovereigns of the Sea SS16”.

After months of preparation and revisions, the anticipated collection is set to hit the runway with special guests during the opening night of Art Hearts Fashion and is sure to deliver the drama and the artistry that MICHAEL NGO has become known for.

NΞOKOZM is inspired by the idea of a “new world” and “neo-futurism” where society is in the endless rush to predict the future, that it’s easy to forget that we are the ones shaping it. Technology comes to mind first, but the future is in us and how we battle social tribulations in order to coexist on this troubled planet. In order to survive and progress, humanity must reach a new level of awakening.

The collection’s symbol is the “Neo-Lotus” and it’s “no mud no lotus” coming of age represents that new awakening. The lotus is rooted in the deepest of muddied water, but it rises from the darkness to bloom in its purest awakened form. Like mud, pain and suffering is crucial to the journey of life and just like a the lotus blooming, we need those dark times to rise, to grow, and to find future enlightenment. As the designer revealed to HGM, the whole collection was inspired by lotus, and the idea behind it was “turning negative energy into positive”.

The urban luxe FW16/17 ready-to-wear collection embodies Western streetwear couture infused with Eastern and cultural influences and will showcase interchangeable womenswear and menswear. Collection design details include mixed media fabrication, textile manipulation, hardware & embellishments, patent & metallic accents, and universal silhouettes.

With every single seam stitched and constructed by the designer himself, as well as runway direction, soundtrack, video and styling, MICHAEL NGO continues to breathe his artistry & aesthetic into his work which ultimately tells a complete story from the designer’s point of view.

The special opening night of Art Hearts Fashion featuring The Archive Showroom will be the platform for Michael Ngo to bring NΞOKOZM FW16 to life and to share his vision with the world.

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Rahil Hesan: “La Rose Des Sables” Spring/Summer 2017
Rahil Hesan introduces her couture  princess-like versions of her posh extravagant detailed couture evening gowns. Gliding down the catwalk one after another,  Hesan’s full-skirted sparklers have been the designer’s specialty for some time — Imagine yourself in a faraway kingdom waiting for your prince charming to sweep you off your feet, or that glamourous goddess who makes a statement at that special event.  Rahil Hesan takes you there this season. Expect to be amazed with blush-toned tulle and crinoline, embellished 3-D floral embroidery, sequined hearts, stars, and  crystal detailing bound to put a smile on everyone’s face.  Hesan doesn’t forget to bring sexy to the catwalk as well with all her stunning creations by incorporating exciting high slits, plunging décolleté, asymmetric hip swags, and sexy bare backs. The collection is a bit more tense, steamier and a tiny bit rougher than usual.

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About Art Hearts Fashion:

Art Hearts Fashion is a leading fashion platform for designers and artists. The fashion venue was founded by its CEO and internationally recognized designer Erik Rosete (Mister Triple X). Nowadays Art Hearts presents its shows in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami as well as abroad.

Special thanks to show producer Didi Roberts and her team.

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