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MTV Awards Gifting Lounge at the SLS Hotel In Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, April 8th, 2017

By Sierra Claire

The SLS Hotel presented the MTV Awards Gifting Lounge event in Beverly Hills on Friday April 7. The gifting lounge included vendors and designers from several innovative companies from around the country. Celebrities and media attended the event before the MTV Movie and TV Awards to get in the spirit of the event and check out the interesting products. The event took place in the courtyard of the SLS hotel on a sunny day in Los Angeles and the space was filled with colorful displays from vendors.

There were several fashion and jewelry companies that came to exhibit and show off their products. One designer, JA designer collections, traveled all the way from Maine to show off her necklaces made from cloth and Bamboo. According to designer and owner Jane Arey she wanted to design something that could be worn several different ways but, didn’t want to work with scarves because she wanted her product to be versatile in many seasons. The necklaces made from materials such as polyester blend and bamboo were a big hit with guest s who enjoyed trying out the different styles. They came in several colors and the designer showed off how they could be styled into knots, twists and layers.

Another innovative jewelry designer was Caravan jewelers from Sedona Arizona. The designer and owner told me that she had originally started out a s affine jeweler but during the recession wanted to expand into more affordable jewelry. That led to the creation of her line of silk jewelry. She dies the silk strips in many different vibrant colors which she said are meant to represent gem colors so customers can still have a piece of ruby red or emerald green jewelry. The strips can be combined with a variety of bronze clasps to make necklaces and bracelets and pendants can also be added to the necklaces for an added sparkle. The collection was reminiscent of the desert vibes of Sedona and perfect for a relaxing vacation look.

The vendors ranged from casual and fun jewelry to more high end as well with an exhibition from Jewels by Durani which is based out of Los Angeles. The designer explained that her and her friend created the brand with pop culture inspired pieces. The jewelry was made out of a sterling silver base with gold or rose gold platings. The popular designs included necklaces with arrow pendants and another design with Arabic writing. It was a very popular booth.

Another pop culture inspired brand was Whimzey t-shirts. The line of sassy and girly t-shirts is based in Georgia and the designer said she often gets inspiration form the girls who work in her office. She had several collection including a southern inspired line as well as a line based on movies and TV shows. One of the most popular shirts among guests was the Flawless shirt which read, “Flawless n. a person who embraces their flaws and loves themselves”

There were also several beauty products and the Nail Alliance took their inspiration from Los Angeles when they created the Baywatch Nail polish collection full of bright California colors inspired by the movie remake coming out this Spring. The 90s revival trend is definitely still going strong and has even made its way into nail polish!

Other popular vendors included the Jessica Simpson children’s line, Luseta hair and beauty products Townsley Girl Cosmetics and the popular celebrity health food company Modus whose clients include names such as Carrie Underwood and pro-athletes. The event was full all day and guests enjoyed trying new products and taking their picture on the red carpet.

Photo by: HGM


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