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When Stars Align From Tokyo To Hollywood At Project Angel Food On Tuesday, May 23

 Hollywood, May 23rd, 2017

Project Angel Food contributors can be recognized for their support of one of our city’s most beloved and effective non-profits, with a Star on the Path of Angels.

Yesterday, Tuesday, May 23, at 7.00 p.m.,  “NOBU” Nobuyuki Nagatsuma, a donor and friend of Project Angel Food was recognized for his generosity with the dedication of his own star, on the sidewalk outside Project Angel Food’s headquarters at 922 Vine Street, Hollywood, 90038. “NOBU” lives by the credo of Daisako Ikeda “Consideration equals strength, so the more considerate of others you are, the stronger you will become.” Board Chair, Bobby Ralston presided with Board Member, Lisa Arasheben in attendance for this red carpet event. The unveiling included a cake cutting ceremony and a champagne toast.

Since its inception, twenty eight years ago, Project Angel Food has provided more than 10.5 million meals, free of charge to people living with critical illness, and the kitchen and staff continues to prepare over 11,000 meals a week. Over the years, Project Angel Food has expanded its initial mission of serving people living with HIV/AIDS to include medically tailored meals to men and women living with cancer, kidney disease, congestive heart failure and diabetes.

The mission at Project Angel Food remains the same, to feed and nourish the sick as they battle debilitating illness, by delivering healthy meals throughout Los Angeles County. Many clients are living well below the poverty line and Project Angel Food is their lifeline, filling a vital need in all communities. The client base is testimony to this fact, 40% Latino, 30% African-American, 21% Caucasian, 5% Asian and 4& other.


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