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The Newport Beach Boat Show Fun in the Sun

Newport Beach, April 21, 2018

On Saturday, April 21 the Newport Beach Boat Show was in full swing at the charming Lido Marina. The show attracted sailing and yacht enthusiasts from all over Southern California and included exhibitors showing all types of water toys. The displays included everything from small party boats to full size luxury yachts and sail boats. There was definitely something for everyone at this event. Exhibitors like Hampton Yachts showed off their newest models and guests got a first look at yachts that weren’t set to hit the market until 2019. Other exhibitors brought their craftsmanship from all over the world and guests enjoyed looking through the beautiful sailboats made in Italy. Some of the showboats were delivered here from places like Hawaii and exhibitors made the journey sailing the boats themselves. The day was fun for everyone and the sunny weather created the perfect atmosphere for guests to plan their next voyage to sea. After viewing the boats, some attendees decided to head across the street to the retro Lido Marina shopping center and enjoyed lunch at the fun 50s style Woody’s diner. It was the perfect way to end the day and get a taste of everything the lovely coastal town of Newport Beach has to offer.


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