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The Chai Center Hosts Its 15th Annual July 4th Celebration In Beverly Hills

July 4, 2018, Beverly Hills private estate, Beverly Hills, CA

There is one day that unites all Americans together regardless of their background. We are all different but we love to celebrate the most significant day in the country’s history. I am talking about Independence Day.

This year Hollywood celebrated 4th of July in style. I was happy to attend a nice BBQ pool party organized by the Chai Center for young Jewish professionals. The purpose of this event was to bring Jewish singles from all backgrounds together to celebrate Independence Day.

I talked to Shneur who described the event as “beautiful” and “amazing”. For him it was a great opportunity to hang out with other community members. He explained the importance of events like this one. In Jewish tradition, it is very common for a Jew to marry another Jew.

We talked about other Jewish traditions and Jewish culture. We discussed several main Jewish holidays observed: Jewish Passover, The Jewish New Year and Shabbat.

I asked him if he believed a Jewish girl should be religious enough in order to be accepted by a Jewish family. He said it was not necessary but she had to be a Jew.

The event lasted till 6 PM. Everyone had fun in the sun during this Independence Day BBQ party. Young Jewish singles had a chance to meet each other, enjoy the mansion pool party and music by DJ Aviel, and have unlimited food and drinks. Rabbi Mendel Schwartz talked about the Hebrew Lunar Calendar. In Jewish tradition the calendar is based not only on the sun’s cycle but on the moon’s cycle as well (compare to The Gregorian calendar), so a date of birth is calculated in a different way.

About The Chai Center:

The Chai Center is a Jewish non-profit organization based in Los Angeles. It unites all Jews: from Conservative to Reform. It organizers popular events and teaches classes on ongoing basis. The Center helps to preserve Jewish culture and traditions. Find more information at


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