Makeup Revolution in Hollywood Motion Pictures by Star of The Color

We asked the top makeup artists in the industry how they usually use STAR★OF THE COLOR foundation at a film shoot.

STAR★OF THE COLOR is a foundation brand produced by Kaori Nara Turner who is an Emmy-winning Makeup Artist. She won her Emmy Award for “Outstanding Makeup for a Series” back in 2003.

The base makeup which is a foundation is more important than the on-point makeup which is resent trends.  In order that many people may know of it, we had the photo shoot focusing on the base makeup in Hollywood where the center of filmmaking.

Hollywood union makeup artists who use STAR★OF THE COLOR regularly: Debbie Zoller (9-time Emmy Awards nominated MUA artist with 8 Makeup Artists & Hairstylist Guild Award nominations and 1 win) and other 3 top makeup artists.

To understand the importance of the foundation, check out the following “before” and “after” photos of the models.