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Miss Rodeo America Pageant Celebrates Country

December 1-8, 2019, Las Vegas, NV

 Celebrating all traditional American holidays wouldn’t be complete without this one big event that started back in 1955. We are talking about Miss Rodeo America Pageant. The pageant promotes the western lifestyle and culture. Each year a new Miss Rodeo America becomes a National Ambassador for the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association. This season the event took place in Tropicana, Las Vegas as a part of 2019 NFR Rodeo Week sponsored by the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

HGM attended the pageant fashion show and Luncheon spectacular event. The show started with Miss Rodeo America 2019 Taylor McNair riding the horse right in the building accompanied by the Old Town Road song. The next moment all guests could watch beautiful contestants dancing on the stage. The pageant hosted by Colorado native Cassidy Bach, the Master of Ceremonies Tracy Damrell and its President Kiki Shumway included dinner for all guests, red carpet photo opportunities, numerous fashion runway shows, and recognition of the 2019 Miss Rodeo America Hall of Fame Inductees Mardee Swanson and Tracy Damrell. The VIP guests Miss Rodeo Canada Jaden Holle and Miss Rodeo Australia Kate Taylor were noticed in the building. Special thanks to all sponsors, Pageant Director Jeana Linton and the judges Brandy Whitlow, Creed Roberts, Scott Fogg and Laina Banks.

During Miss Rodeo America Pageant Coronation, the hosts were delighted to represent some awards to numerous contestants: Miss Rodeo Kansas Brooke Wallace received Miss Congeniality Award and Miss Rodeo Nebraska   Eva Oliver won The Speech Award. Also, all four Runner-up winners received scholarship awards from The Miss Rodeo America Scholarship Foundation.

Congratulations to Jordan Tierney (South Dakota) who became Miss Rodeo America 2020.  The 25-year-old beauty graduated from Chardon State College with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Minor in Marketing.


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