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Kaptain of Hollywood and Sako Chivitchian’s photoshoot by Scott Boden

By Katalina Malungahu

Photo: Scott Boden

Feb 28th, 2016, a fashion photoshoot by Scott Boden photography was taken place in the Hayastan MMA Academy in North Hollywood. Hayastan was blessed with the presence of the one and only Kapatain of Hollywood & his Amazing and Uniquely celebrity designed leather coats, who attended the scene of the shoot in collaborating his passion in fashion and design by introducing to (MMA) world of Mixed Martial Arts his unique style and in what he does in his committed fun loving ways. Kaptain also formed respect for the world of MMA and the new legendary Judo and MMA artist he had just met on the scene of the shoot, for it was also his first experience being introduced in experience to the MMA world as well.

The honor of having legendary nine times Judo National Champion and former UFC fighter Sako Chivitchian to be the model for this shoot. Chivitchian was privileged to promote these unique styles of coats in fashion for he had never seen such uniquely customized an amazing designed leather coats and having to work with Kaptain was also a fresh experience. Kaptain, having chosen this atmosphere and scenery was also a fresh exploring experience as well. It was an accomplished and amazing shoot for these Artists to have worked together in collaborating the world of fashion in to the MMA in promoting Arts, Sport, Purpose and Passion and not to mention the man capturing these footages Scott Boden is also another form of Unity in three words of art.

It was a profound experience because of the spirit which filled the room during these moments of the photoshoot; But also, the relationship and a new bridges built in such an Atmosphere within the two completely different world which the Artists live, but yet, very common in simply what we we would call PASSION and PURPOSE. It’s also what have attracted this photoshoot to have taken place upon this day.. Astonishing but yet, uniquely refreshing and fierce… It was truly a pleasure for myself to have been in the room and to experience the spirit which field the room of unity and team work. Something to be remembered, smile and write about.


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