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Becca Tilley Talks Fashion and Digital Marketing at Simply LA

August 11, 2018, Glendale, CA

 Becca Tilley, former Bachelor contestant turned digital marketing influencer, showed up to the Simply LA event on Saturday where she talked about turning her bachelor fame into a career as a digital influencer. She also shared her summer style with us at the conference! Becca showed up looking super stylish and when I asked her what she was wearing, she said, “This bag I got at a Lulu’s event recently and I thought that was so cute. And I have a free people set on and Steve Madden shoes. I just had to find my tallest shoes because my pants are too long!”

Becca talked about what she’s been up to since the bachelor and was so excited to share her tips on digital marketing with her audience. She said, “Digital marketing is my job, my life it’s just something that I think a lot of people have questions about…it’s fun to talk about it from my perspective of having been on the bachelor and it transforming into this which is really cool.”

She has her own blog where she talks about fashion, lifestyle, and travel. She has been busy since she appeared on Season 19 of the popular reality show. She said the biggest career move she’s made since coming off the show was getting her manager Ally. She talked about building her brand saying, “I was just kind of floating and I had all these Instagram followers but I was like what do I do with that. I’ve been really lucky to have people around me to inspire me and drive me.”

She also gave an inside look into what she’s learned so far as an influencer saying, “I go on these influencer trips and it’s so interesting to see how everyone works because everyone blogs differently and does photos differently.” She talked about the importance of bringing your own unique perspective to blogging.

Becca hung out with the other panelists and celebs backstage before heading out to her panel. She even took these cute photos with Lauren Bushnell! There were tons of fans excited to see and hear what she had to say!

On Saturday a panel of some of the top talent in Hollywood came out to talk about what it really means to be a celebrity stylist and dispel misconceptions about the job. The lineup included names like Law Roach who works for fashion icon Zendaya, Maeve Reilly who styles it girl Hailey Baldwin, Candice McAndrews who’s currently working for Kelly Clarkson on her tour and Etienne makeup artist extraordinaire.

The talented group shared their favorite parts of being a stylist as well as tips for how to make it in the cutthroat industry.

Maeve said her number one tip for anyone starting out would be, “Don’t try to find the easy way out of things. You have to work hard.”

The other stylists agreed and shared their own stories of staring out. Law said he had always loved fashion and told the audience about his start saying, “I came to LA and created my own way.”

Candice talked about growing up and loving fashion and shared that she fell in love with watching the outfits on MTV music videos.

The stylists also shared their thoughts on whether fashion or make up styling was more difficult laughing and poking fun at each other.

Everyone agreed that the best way for young hopefuls to get involved is to just “never say no to an opportunity”.

Each stylist remembered their days starting out as an intern and assistant and Maeve said that there are stories of being in the right place and the right time like what happened to her but you also have to be prepared for when that time comes. She told the audience her story of getting “discovered” saying that she had worked for years as an assistant before a music industry executive called her at the last minute to dress a star at the VMAs.

Candice said, “You have to be ready for it. you have to be a businesswoman and you have to be responsible because you’re working with other people’s money.”

But knowing when you’re ready to be in charge can be difficult and even once you’ve made it to the big leagues you’ll still have people questioning your talent warned the stylists.

Maeve said, “I just had to work with a client and they weren’t sure about some of my choices and I had to tell them like this is what you hired me for. Do you trust me?” Standing up for yourself and believing in your talent and abilities are an important skill to have in this cutthroat industry.

On moving up professionally Candice said, “Get an agent when you have enough people behind you that you don’t wanna negotiate anymore. It’s worth it but it takes a while.”

All the panelists agreed getting an agent was a laborious but important career step.

The stylists also talked about how the industry had changed since they were first starting out with Maeve saying, “The street style game has changed everything in the past 5 years with girls wanting to look like Hailey Baldwin, I can get her on Vogue’s top 10 of the week by just walking on the street. It’s crazy.”

The street style phenomenon has definitely affected Hollywood in recent years with names like Kylie Jenner and other it girls creating new trends every time they step out or post on Instagram.

Candice spoke about social media trends saying, “It’s good because you can find designers and designers can find you but it’s also annoying because I hate posting and having to talk about myself.”

All the panelists shared a true comradery though and everyone agreed that what happens in the stylists’ studios stays in the stylists’ studios. Maeve said, “That’s why I love being friends with other stylists and connecting over the crazy things that have happened.”

Law agreed saying, “It’s your job to make them trust you and not worry about it.” He gave an example saying, “A client could be like I need a red shoe and I could be like ‘Ok’. And I’ll be calling every store looking for it calling her stylists like ‘bitch, I need a red shoe’”.

The panel was definitely a success and the successful group of style gurus inspired the audience taking questions from guests hoping to break into the industry.


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