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Modisch and Tay Gaye Present: Mansion Showcase LA

December 13, 2018, private real estate, Los Angeles, CA

The private mansion event and fashion showcase organized by Modisch and its founder Tay Gaye took place on December 13 in Hollywood Hills. Modisch is a unique clothing line created by African immigrant and Philly-based designer Tay: its fancy and sporty pieces are worn by both ordinary people and celebs like 21 Savage.

The event was a mix of a fashion showcase, art performance and young Hollywood style mansion party. All guests had a chance to see how the designer was making a hoodie from scratch. After the hoodie was sewed, artist John Born painted a picture right on it to make it look even better.

HGM talked to Tay Gaye about his career and clothing line: “I was born and raised in Liberia that’s where I started making clothes, in Africa, when I was seven. My Dad passed away but, in the village, where I’m from, he was a popular designer. When he passed, my older sister took over the business: she opened a tailor shop, and as a kid growing up that’s where I used to be every day…

When I moved to the US in 2000, I was trying to figure my way around, it was very difficult because I didn’t really know anyone here, it was just me, my older sister and my cousin.

When I was in school, we had so many classes, and I was that one person who was making clothes, and it was shocking for many people that a kid of my age could make that stuff from scratch. I even told my teachers how to do certain things. I started making clothes for my close friends. At the end of high school, I started making my own jeans and I had my own brand. I had a son and took a break from college, that’s when I started Modisch. Modisch means fashion in German. I got a graphic designer to put a logo together, I started t-shirts: I was doing animal prints, and at that time animal print was popular and a lot of brands would use animal print. I was one of the first brands doing this, and I had celebrities like French Montana buying my staff. Basically, this is how I built my brand. I do show cases like this one to show people how to really do this just for people to believe when I am doing this, I put my heart and passion”.

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