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Ashley Tisdale presentation at BeautyCon LA

Photo by HGM

The actress and now, beauty guru and founder of Illuminate by Ashley, showed up to the pink carpet of BeautyCon LA on Saturday August 12 for some fun times and of course, make-up! Ashley made a special guest appearance at her Illuminate by Ashley booth on Saturday afternoon where tons of make-up fans were waiting to meet her. She gave the intimate crowd a special treat and asked the audience what kind of a make-up tutorial they wanted to see celebrity make-up artist Tonya create. After deciding Ashley told the crowd, “All right I’ll take off my eyes!”

While Tonya worked on creating the perfect winged look for Ashley, the actress told stories to the crowd and asked them about their favorite Illuminate products. She shared that she loved to get all her make-up tricks from Youtube and talked about the latest beauty trends she’s been loving, including the Sunset Eye. Tonya is another one of Ashley’s favorite people to get tips from and she recounted an adventure they’d had while hanging out on the beach one Saturday to the crowd saying, “I crash parties all the time.” According to the actress, after deciding to head down to the beach she had spotted some tents on the sand and they decided to go check them out. However, when they got there not many people were around so they stayed around for a few minutes. Soon though people started to come back to the tents and that’s when they realized that there was a birthday party going on. Ashley said that once they realized they walked into the middle of a 14 year old’s birthday party everybody laughed and kids were, “really excited.”

After finishing the make-up tutorial, she showed off her new look taking selfies with her fans. Check out the video below to see Ashley getting her eyes done.




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