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Beautycon POP Open House Celebrates Beauty

November 15,2018, Los Angeles, CA

Beautycon Media hosted an exclusive Open House for their first experiential pop-up Beautycon POP on Thursday, November 15th in Los Angeles. Beautycon POP is the natural evolution of their experiential offerings, inviting fans to explore, celebrate and redefine beauty.

Beautycon POP includes:

  • Eight immersive, highly Instagrammable galleries. In partnership with Beautycon POP, HYPNO will power social moments in four of the galleries allowing attendees to create their own social media-worthy videos instantly
  • BeautyconSHOP – their first retail space featuring 20 indie, female-founded beauty brands whose products are inclusive and formulated for the underserved audiences Beautycon has always been driven to represent
  • SALON presented by Macy’s, offers exclusive demos and tutorials for brows to blowouts. Walk-ins are welcome for the $20 service
  • A community center – offering mentorship sessions between aspiring artists and creators

Beautycon POP will officially open to the public, today, November 16th and will run through December 16th. Tickets can be purchased HERE for $45.00.

Opening Night Highlights:

  • Beautycon Media’s CEO, Moj Mahdara, hosted a panel discussing how retail is learning from a forward-thinking beauty industry
  • Panelists included indie beauty leaders Carina Chaz (Founder, Dedcool), KJ Miller (Co-Founder, Mented Cosmetics), Kristen Noel Crawley (Founder, KNC Beauty), Lynnsee van Gordon (Founder, Anese) and Nadia Babar (Founder, Kálos).
  • KJ Miller, Co-Founder, Mented Cosmetics on the definition of beauty “Beauty is loving yourself and loving your looks on your terms. It can’t be on someone else’s terms. YOU have to define it – it will fluctuate but you have to love yourself the way it makes sense to you”
  • Iskra Lawrence stopped by Beautycon POP to tour the galleries and view the panel


About Beautycon [Spelling: Beautycon – the “c” is lowercase!]

We are a global community of creators, celebrities, fans, and brands who unite to challenge traditional beauty standards. We are all ages, races and identities, and we are redefining what beauty means— from the inside out. Labels are inconsequential, self-expression is encouraged, and differences are celebrated.

Beautycon Festivals, which have taken place all over the world, including Los Angeles, New York, London, Dubai and Dallas, celebrate the beauty of self-expression and staying true to oneself. With moments ranging from engaging panel discussions, to digital/traditional celebrity meetups, brand activations and the chance for consumers to shop some of their favorite online brands IRL. Beautycon Festivals have welcomed hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, and have ignited a global trend in the world of beauty. For more please visit


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