Grammy Award-winning Artist Bonnie Pointer Performs At The UNLEESHED, a Holiday Mansion Party and Fashion Showcase

December 29, 2018, The Wattles Mansion, Los Angeles, CA

The famous Kiss The Monkeys organization founded by Al Harris and Raquel Sanchez hosted the Holiday Celebration and Charity Gala event UNLEESHED right on time: the party took place on December 29 in the historic Wattles Mansion. Guests had a chance to watch numerous fashion shows and enjoy food, drinks, and live music by DJ Al as well as performance by talented Bonnie Pointer of The Pointer Sisters. Bonnie is famous for the song Fairytale which helped the group to win a Grammy. In 1994 The Pointer Sisters received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “It feels great. It’s good to be here For a good cause”, she said to HGM.

The evening ended up with the Model and Fashion Designer competition. Celebrity coach Bobbie Chance and other judges chose a winner – Carolina Hernandez, Mexican-American fashion designer and Creative Director of Veteran Couture. Other designers included One World Peace, Cristina Nelle, David Klein, Quincy Jones Jr and Trisha Sherman.

All proceeds from the event went to Divine Homeless Project.