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The future of skincare and makeup in one device from Opte

I absolutely love to try everything new when it comes to skincare products but it’s always hard to find something that would be affordable and also a great fit for any skin type.  I hate looking in the mirror and counting sun spots and redness all over my face. It was a nightmare until one day I discovered Opté Precision Skincare System, a perfect Christmas gift for everyone.

Opté Precision Skincare System combines camera optics, proprietary algorithms, printing technology and skincare in one device that scans the skin, detects hyperpigmentation and applies corrective serum with precision application to reveal the natural beauty of skin. 

Opté covers age and sun spots, redness and discoloration, blemishes, scars and spider veins. Active ingredients also reduce the appearance of melanin-related spots, like age spots and sun spots, over time.

Spot lightening creams lighten not only your spot but also the surrounding skin. Opté targets and treats only the spots. Laser treatments by a doctor may involve cost, pain, and downtime. Opté is not a laser and is completely pain-free and gentle on your skin.

Foundation covers 100% of your skin with a heavy, unnatural looking exterior. Opté applies 99% less product to your skin, camouflaging only the spots while leaving your radiant, natural skin to shine through.

It treats:

A mixture of white, yellow, and red pigment dispersions created with iron oxides and titanium dioxide that camouflage hyperpigmentation on contact.

A form of Vitamin B3 and a potent skincare active that helps to fade the appearance of spots over time.

A skin conditioning agent and humectant, which is a class of ingredients that help skin retain moisture.

An inorganic compound that pH balances the optimizing serum to your skin.

A polymer stabilizer that maintains the structure and stability of the optimizing serum.

A preserving system and antimicrobial.

Are you ready to look young and beautiful again? Don’t wait till Christmas, sign up for the Opté Precision Skincare System now!

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