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Breakfast with Larry King on Beverly Hills

Where else can you find the best breakfast for the best price before you start your busy day in Hollywood? The answer is Larry King’s famous café called The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel located at 262 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills where you can see the legendary owner and enjoy the most delicious bagels in the world. On July 27th Brooklyn native Larry King joined everyone who came to have a cup of coffee and meet the famous TV host. Princess Francesca Gioia Drommi and Anolan Dragitsch were noticed there.
Hosted by amazing entrepreneurs Mai Truong (Brand Building Consulting, LLC ) and James Kubik, the Breakfast event was called “Give back to the Community” with its main purpose to attract local businesses and successful individuals. It was all about sharing thoughts on effective leadership development, helping people, strengthening communities and developing businesses.
In his speech Larry King mentioned that it’s always been a special place for him, also the food is terrific, and he really likes the atmosphere here.
About Brand Building Consulting, LLC:
The company was founded by Mai Truong. Mai Truong has over 26 years of professional experience in International Business Development, Market Research, Implementation Network Distribution for new Product in the new market. Mai is an Entrepreneur wearing many hats from CEO/Founder/Sustainable Brands Consultant at Brand Building Consulting to contribute to the society as Pro Bono, Account Director atTaproot Foundation Organization for Non Profit Organization around the globe to focus attention on the pro bono movements, Member of Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, Practitioner and Member at Urban Manufacturing Ecosystem Los Angeles County.
In 2014 Brand Building Consulting launched the program Giving back to the Community – Sustainable Foods Waste Management. Mai Truong is CEO of Brand Building Consulting and her philosophy is engaging with others to build the communities where children and adults live and work in a better place. Brand Building Consulting is involved in Pro-Bono Food Donation services with Bakery – Fast Foods – Groceries Retailers in the Community to process Sustainable Food Waste Management with Food that is still in usable condition is donated to local food banks and Charities. The generous support of Business Owners in our Community of Beverly Hills 90210 tremendously helps local hunger relief programs during the holidays and all year round. Countless volunteers and the spirit of giving from partners of the Food Waste Management Program in our community play a key role in this process.
Making difference together with Business Owners in our Community:
Brand Building Consulting plans to launch a new project calls “Neighborhood and Community Relations”.
The concept is first attracted to all Businesses – Professional Services – Individuals in our Community by the opportunity to give back. After a lifetime of business success, they have turned to using their skills and wisdom to provide others with effective and impact leadership development. Each participant is involved in helping individuals, strengthening communities and supporting businesses. A major new initiative supporting community engagement broadly, support other local businesses and we give back to the community and help others success.
You can use your Leadership experiences the intense highs and lows of having the ultimate responsibility to coaching to impact the lives of our participants both personally and professionally to others. Especially, when you own or run a business, even the simplest decisions can have profound implications, all of that experience has placed you in a unique position to make a profound contribution to the lives of other businesses in the community.
Leadership isn’t about you but about helping others become successful and about removing the obstacles — excessive bureaucracy.
Our Participants bring a wealth and diversity of experience to the table and apply their knowledge to helping each other overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Each group is designed to help members help each other work on their most pressing business issues and improve their lives and help our participants learn how to affect positive change within their companies and improve their lives and the lives of their families and employees.


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